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About CAMServ

CAMServ is a consultancy and marketing company specializing in strategic and tactical marketing, developing and implementing consulting and marketing plans, product development, market analysis, marketing training.

Our goal is not to win awards, but instead to help you attract more sales and profits at a lower marginal cost than traditional marketing approaches.

And let's face it, knowing that your are getting the best out of a company, makes it worth while. But getting exactly that kind of guarantee in Sierra Leone is becoming harder every day. That's why CAMServ is here to provide the best guarantee for all your products and services.

CAMServ Values: We believe in professionalism.

Put the clientís interest ahead of our own.
Behave as professionals.
Keep our client information confidential.
Tell the truth as we see it.

CAMServ Guarantee: Every customer is unique.

CAMServ offers a wide range of marketing consulting services at several price points for companies looking to increase their brand, market presence, qualified leads, sales and most of all a return on investment.

Getting results depends on dozens of easily overlooked key factors, the most critical of which includes optimizing your brand, its design and even its implementation.


ImageCAMServ Consulting Services offers solutions to help organizations manage all their business requirements. Our expertise is built on technical leadership and practical, real-world experience deploying solutions in complex, multi-vendor environments. CAMServ Consulting Servicesí methodology is based on internationally recognized standards and best practices, and is tailored to your organizationís unique needs.

ImageCAMServ would like to be your marketing partner. We pride ourselves in producing creative solutions to meet your advertising, marketing, graphic design and website development needs. But more than coming up with great ideas, we strive to successfully implement relevant strategies that help you achieve your goals.

ImageCamserv simplifies and secures the procurement process. Our services provide a purchase to pay solution that utilizes Web purchase orders to maximize the efficiency and accountability of your purchasing, receiving, and accounts payable.